Hungarian Translators

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jtprince R9 English Hungarian

English-Hungarian software localization, website translation

jerkovich R5 English Hungarian

I'm a freelance translator since about a decade. I used mainly to translate pharmaceutical patents, but recently I diversified and do other kinds of medical text and misc. engineering subjects, too. I extensively use CAT tools and find them pretty much useful.

lanyitsa R4 English Hungarian

20 years:

gitakolter R2 English Hungarian

Technical, IT, law, medicine, general documents, marketing, banking, finance, etc.

xmessor R3 English Hungarian

I am Ivan Czar, a bilingual Hungarian - English speaker and I have five years experience in professional translation/transcription. My strongest fields are engineering, automotive, technical, legal, patent translations or any IT or programming related translations.

kishajnalka R3 English Hungarian

since 2001 occasionally, since 2009 part-time at my registered company, since 2012 full time. Yearly amount of words > 500 thousand

k.szabo R2 English Hungarian

Freelance translator since 1998
First Trados-based works in 2000
Weekly capacity: 15000-24000 words

ptth R1 German Hungarian
ezydeals R1 English Hungarian

15 years of experience translating from English to Hungarian, Slovak and Czech.

gabry77 R1 English Hungarian
bzsoldos R1 English Hungarian

I have 30+ years translation experience, and I translate from English and German to my native language, Hungarian. I have Trados, SDLX, Transit XV, Catalyst, Across, LocStudio and Multilizer, as well as DTP software (PageMaker and FrameMaker), so I can do localization projects as well.

dinno R1 English Hungarian

Full-time translator since 15 years. Translations from English and German into Hungarian.

evagreen R1 English Hungarian
Erikzoldi R1 English Hungarian

Various experiences in different fields from the year 2000. Proof-reading and editing. Teaching and training.

SmilingCherry R1 Romanian Hungarian

Hello, my name is Ana-Maria. I started translating three years ago, when I won a translating competition for high school students. I am a beginner in this field, but since I am a bicultural person, speaking different languages comes natural to me. I speak fluently Hungarian and Romanian, and I am also a very good speaker of English, this fact being proven...

selymi R1 English Hungarian

1999- 2006 Media Wise, Education Center , OLK , - Budapest
Sales, communications, translator.
2007 - 2009 Christian Foundation - Tg. Mures
Translator and subtitler

2010 – 2012 Freelancer

Daraban Robert R1 English Hungarian

5 years of translation in the following domains: automotive, IT, legal, software localization, website localization, user guides, oil and gas extraction, mechanics, technical, subtitling, etc.

bajakzsu78 R1 English Hungarian

My name is Zsuzsanna Bajak and I have been a native Hungarian translator and proofreader and copywriter in the General, Business, Technical, Marketing and Advertisement, Legal, IT/Telecommunication, Social and Medical fields for 13+ years. I am also involved in subtitling (Subtitle Workshop, EZ Titles and DotSub).
I am a flexible, enthusiastic, many...

Brigitta Makk R1 English Hungarian

A two year translation skills study from English to Hungarian and vice versa was incorporated in my bachelor's degree programme, with the help of which I was able to carry out a paid assignment in June 2013, translating a dental medicine website fr...

nagyildiko R1 Romanian Hungarian

I started to translate text in 2003. i