Why Does Translia Translate Faster?

We never simplify or skip the quality assurance process to speed up translation. Instead, our standard translation process requires Alternating TEP™ that most translation companies cannot guarantee. We have successfully streamlined business process and make collaborative translation possible.

Streamlined process

We automate the ordering process so that you may place an order in a few minutes. As soon as your order is accepted, our translators will be notified and start working on your project immediately. When the translation is finished, the files are packed and an email notification will be sent to you. All those non-translation tasks are done by system automatically and only take several minutes to finish. The saved time is to your benefit.

Collaborative translation

We always assign multiple translators for all your jobs. Where your source text includes multiple sentences, our unique technologies allow translators to keep translating and editing without waiting for each other. Translations by different translators are automatically merged. The quality is continuously improved, and the consistency is assured.

That's why we can bring better translation in a shorter turnaround!