4 Tips on Timing Your Translation

With Translia you can start translation at any time and get translation faster than ever before. However there is still limitation. To ensure you receive satisfying services, we would like to provide the following tips.

1. There is still trade-off

The more time you leave for translators the better quality you may receive. Speed and quality still trade off with each other even on Translia. When your schedule allows, it is a good idea to set a loose deadline and get better translation.

2. Reserve more time for translation!

Very tight schedules make your translation project risky. You are more likely to underestimate the time needed for translation. Keep in mind translation is time consuming and we have no way to shorten the turnaround further where the limit of labor is reached. If you are not sure how much time to reserve for your projects, request a quote and we will check if your schedule is reasonable. It is free, without obligation.

3. Get your "translation window" under your control

You cannot start translation before your source texts are frozen. At the same time you must get the translation ready before your products or websites are released. The interval between the two points is "translation window". To get the translation window under your control, you need to participate in scheduling and tracking both content authoring and content release. You will find the source texts are always updating but the time-to-market cannot be postponed. If you take actions to prevent delay of freezing the source, the translation time can be guaranteed and the quality will be assured.

4. Use continuous translation

Continuous translation means there is no obvious start and end of the translation project. You just keep feeding source text, receiving translation, and publishing them. In addition to coping with frequent source updates, continuous translation reduces project risk, makes projects manageable, and achieves better quality for large volume translation. Translia is the leader in providing continuous translation. Try it for your next big project! Or with continuous translation, you don't have to launch big projects any more.