5 Ways to Save with Translia

In addition to saving with our best prices, you can further save money on translation with the following Translia features. Many of them are available on Translia!

1. Save with Translia TM

Your contents may include repeating sentences. With Translia translation memory (TM) technology, translators can translate such sentences once and reuse the translation. That brings improved productivity and thus reduced cost. Our TM system is innovative and unique. It is ready to work for you once you sign up. You don't need setup. You don't need to pay an extra fee for using it. You just receive all of the benefits.

2. Save with Micro-Translation™

With Translia Micro-Translation™ service, you can translate as little as a single word at reasonable rates. You never need to worry about minimum charge. There is NO minimum charge on Translia!

3. Save with Accelerated Delivery

When you have an urgent need to get translation in 24 hours, use our Accelerated Delivery service. We will deliver the translation to you as soon as possible. There is NO rush fee on Translia!

4. Save with right service levels

Our 3-level translation services allow you to choose the right service level that fits your purpose exactly. For example, you may choose Gold Translation for the company home page, Silver Translation for internal documents, and Bronze Translation for email communication. With Translia you will never over-translate!

5. Buy in quantity and save

We offer volume discounts to our valuable customers. When placing an order, you may buy in quantity and receive remarkable discounts. If you have a coupon, you can redeem it while enjoying the volume discount.