Why Cheap Translation Doesn't Work

You can always find lower and lower prices if you keep searching on the Internet. You can get the translation done at lower cost but you will never actually save with cheap translation. The reason is simple. Qualified professional translators seldom, if ever, take jobs at a very low price. If someone offers you very low prices, you can imagine who will actually do the translation. Poor translators deliver poor translation. And in the end you have to pay more to improve the translation, not to mention the potential business opportunities you might lose.

"What if I hire a freelance translator?"

You might be happy for a while if you are lucky enough to meet a good translator. However relying on a freelance translator for your translation need is risky!

  • Even very experienced translators may make mistakes. Without editing and proofreading by other translators, any single translator cannot ensure his/her own quality at all.
  • "Your" freelance translator might not be available when you need him/her. The good translator may refuse your job when s/he is overloaded. If you meet a bad one, s/he would work overnight but will probably give you a surprise in quality the next morning.

"What if I hire a team of translators?"

It sounds like a good idea because you will not pay the agency fee. However the truth is you will pay much more for your own translation. You can't achieve the efficiency of a translation service provider like Translia so you have to allocate much more time and efforts in managing the process, not to mention the quality assurance. Finally your translation will be much more expensive than using a translation company.