Translation Memory

Once only used by the big enterprises like Microsoft and IBM, now the translation memories are available to all translation clients thanks to the innovative technologies from Translia! With Translia translation memory, you will enjoy improved quality, reduced cost and a couple of Translia-only benefits and features as below.

Better Translation

Translation memory improves translation consistency. With the aid of TM, professional translators can ensure same sentences or phrases are translated the same where applicable. Consistency reinforces readability and usability greatly. It is particularly important to technical translation. Also TM enhances translation productivity and thus allows translators to allocate more time for editing and proofreading. This results in a better quality as a whole.

Lower Cost

Translation memory system helps you reduce cost by avoiding re-translating the same text and improving productivity in translating similar text. This is done by storing translations in file or database system and providing translators with the existing translations when they work with the same or similar text translated before. With translation memory you can save significantly if your contents include many repetitions or they need frequent updates.


Your translation memories are dedicated to your own use. Only you can export the translation memories. Accesses are authorized to translators only when they work on your projects.


Our system follows the popular TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) standard. With a click you can export the translation memories and reuse it with any major translation memory tools. You can use Translia TM system along with any TM tools you might have.

Simple & Easy

We will set up the translation memory system for you. It is ready to use once you sign up or request a quote. No need work of any settings. You even don't need to know its existence except when you calculate the translation fees.


All Translia clients are eligible to use Translia TM system for free. This means you will receive all of the translation memory benefits without paying any license fee or subscription fee.