3 Service Levels

How to Choose the Right Service Level for Your Translation and Save Up to 50%

We offer three service levels that vary in process, time and price. By choosing a service level right for your needs, you can either get the best quality or save up to 50%! And choosing the right service level is simple - Just look at the nature of your content and choose the service level matching its purpose. Which service level is right for you? Here is a summary of our three service levels. Hover over icons for details.


Process Gold Silver Bronze
Professional translators Yes Yes Yes
Native translators Yes Yes Yes
Translators assigned Two or more Two or more One or more
Translation Yes Yes Yes
Editing Yes Yes No
Proofreading Yes No No


Performance Gold Silver Bronze
Quality Excellent Good Fair
Turnaround time Standard Quick Very quick
Translation rates High Medium (save 25%) Low (save 50%)
Timeliness Guarantee 100% Money Back 100% Money Back 100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Money back 100% Satisfaction Free Revision
Recommended use Critical contents All purposes Informal communication