SafeTrans Technique

For Your Copyright Protection*

When a translation job is done, you usually don't want to leave the file copies at the translator side. You would request the translators to delete the files. But how to ensure they do as you request?

You will never need to worry about that if you choose Translia. You upload files to our server but our translators will never download or copy your files. In fact they cannot access your files at all.

Access Control

Your document files are safe because the access to them are strictly controlled. Only system administrator may operate with the files when it is necessary. All other people including the translators cannot access any source file or target file. No one can steal your documents from Translia. We call it SafeTrans™.

"So how do you translate the files without accessing them?"

Our system extracts the translatable text out of the source files. Translators then work with the extracted text online. The files you upload will never leave our server. When the translation is finished, the system rebuilds the target files, which are exclusively available to you.

Copy Prevention

Your documents are safe so how about the content itself? We have greatly increased the technical difficulty of copying content by splitting an article into individual sentences. Copying so many sentences to reverse an article will be extremely time-consuming.

At the same time, our professional translators will strictly follow the NDA and copyright agreement and they will not try to copy your content at any time.

*Note: This feature is not applicable to PDF or image translation.