Каталог переводчиков

Имя Перевод с Перевод на О программе
Fernando Maffey R7 English Spanish (Latin America)
canicastro R10 English Spanish (Latin America)

I've been doing translations for agencies on the web since 2007. Some of the topics I have translated are: sports, religion, psychology, international government, tourism, job interviews, workers compensation, skin care, pregnancy, education, vaccinations, etc. Last year I worked for an agency on the web on a big project for a tourism site and am still wo...

andreas R10 English Russian

Extensive experience in translation international agreements, national legislative acts, contracts, other commercial documentation and official correspondence. Currently working as a staff member and certified translator of the national chamber of commerce and industry. Formerly worked at economic section of national diplomatic mission abroad, legal dep...

renzhewuwei R10 English Chinese (Simplified Chinese)

I've been translating part-time for a great many Chinese translation companies.

u.kalkoff R10 English German

16 years, participation (as a parttime job) in many internal an therefore confidential translation projects (oral and written translations, translations of WEB-sites ...).

carlbahnson R10 English Spanish (Latin America)

Freelance English-Spanish and Spanish-English Translator. English and Spanish language teacher at Berlitz for 15 years. Translation of books, professional manuals and magazine articles.

ftruccoh R10 English Spanish (Spain)

Freelance Translator, main areas of expertise are Astronomy, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Natural Sciences & IT.
BS in Chemistry (Universidad Católica de Chile). More than 30 years of international experience in the field of science, industrial process design, R &D of chemical processes, chemical engineering and environmental issues.


ek R10 French (France) German

More than 15 years experience in translation and interpretation (consecutive & simultaneous).

franziska27 R9 English it-it

Traduttrice dall'inglese, spagnolo e francese in italiano dal 1994.
Traduzioni medico/farmacologiche o generiche.

Bethel R9 English Spanish (Latin America)

To give you a little background on myself, I am 52 years old and a native Spanish speaker. My educational qualifications include a BA from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) with Spanish as the main subject. My degree also includes several courses in English, Norwegian, Scandinavian languages, and Swedish as a second language. In addition, I have taken...

abiojo R9 English Spanish (Latin America)

I am a native Colombian professional freelance translator with more than twenty years of experience, specializing
in Business, Sales and Marketing from English into Spanish.

SusanR R9 French (Canada) English

I have over 25 years of experience translating both from French into English and English into French. I specialize in technical work: engineering, electronics, computer applications, industrial and construction fields, architecture.

sebekes R9 English Spanish (Latin America)

I am a professional and experienced translator from Argentina. I am also a Language Teacher.

Sylvie29 R10 English French (France)

I am an experienced English-French translator specialising in IT and technical translations, as well as travel and tourism.

A French native speaker, I have lived in the UK and Ireland for a number of years after graduation and speak English fluently.

I am familiar with most CAT tools currently in used, including TRADOS, Idiom, Catalyst, etc....

lucia pinto R9 French (France) Spanish (Spain)

10 years as translator and interpreter.

bonabadiali R7 English it-it

I am 56 years old. I have a University Degree in English Language and Literature, University of Bologna and I have worked for fourteen years as Foreign Market Responsible for an electromedical company placed in Bologna, Italy. I have travelled much and I have always translated medical, technical, commercial, financial, general purposes documents as well a...

leon921269 R9 English Chinese (Simplified Chinese)

A freelancer (of E-C,or C-E), willing to work with friends. Translation/localization: http://space.yeeyan.org/u/92797 http://omegatplus.sourceforge.net/OmegaT+...

pm1970 R9 French (France) it-it

Over 10 years of experience in translation/editing/proofreading; cooperation with agencies from all over the world.

RML Translations R7 English German

I am a native German speaker, residing in the Philippines (where English is widely spoken and understood) and I am fluent in English.

I have many years of translation experience, including, but not limited to, translation of business & sales articles as well as technical, financial, health related and legal documents.

My translations are...

jntranslation R9 English German

Translator for private customers, small enterprises and translation agencies, interpreter in court. Professional freelance translator with an average volume of 40.000 to 50.000 words per month.