Translia Takes Lead in App Localization

Translia's US patented advanced collaborative translation system gives Translia the leading edge when it comes to producing quality translation for apps in multiple platforms.

Global demand for apps presents one of the fastest growing markets for developers. According to UK-based Juniper Research, the amount of revenue generated by apps is likely to rise to a staggering $75 Billion by 2017, with games apps taking 32% of the market share. But in reality, how many apps are truly targeted at an international marketplace, where translation and localization is what separates the winners from the rest of the field?
Many apps are released onto their home markets in a single language, ignoring the huge potential for business from across the world. When the budget has been nearly exhausted on development and marketing, translation and localization can seem a luxury.
Experience tells us otherwise. Android users, for example, have downloaded over 25 billion apps, and the download rate is growing at over one billion per month. More and more, the Android user demands top quality, and if the app is not available in his or her language then that is a customer lost. Smart developers are acutely aware of these projections and are increasingly marketing their apps at the international level.
Supporting over 100 languages, Translia is the perfect, low-cost solution to app translation and localization needs. Translia's native language translators can translate anything from text amounting to just a few lines to an entire script, and localize apps into a single language of the client's choice or into several languages simultaneously.
Translia CEO, Shawn Wang says: “Translia's US patented advanced collaborative translation system gives Translia the leading edge when it comes to producing quality translation for apps at a competitive price. Some of our clients have already capitalized on this as a cost-effective solution to bring their software products to new markets. While our competitors are devising ways to meet the growing demand for app translation and localization, here at Translia we are already geared up and ready to go.”
As an innovative translation company, Translia provides high-quality, professional, online translation with a resource of over ten thousand translators worldwide, working 24/7 to ensure any app is properly localized and ready for market in the languages required. Trusted by over 5,300 customers and counting, Translia guarantees a cast iron 100% satisfaction and money-back service and is the best choice for app translation requirements.