Translia Plus Google Translate Help Job Seekers Improve Resume Translation offers international job seekers a critical tool to translate a professional resume in any language. With the world's largest network of professional translators covering over 100 major world languages, Translia brings unprecedented translation capabilities to the online marketplace.

As competition in the global job market heats up, so does the need for expert translation services that can both accurately and literately translate resumes, or CVs, into other languages., a groundbreaking new online company, offers the expertise of the world's largest network of over 10,000 professional translators in a simple service format to answer the needs for resume translation.
With an increasingly strong corporate trend toward global expansion, the contemporary career candidate must have a diversified toolbox to carve a career niche in overseas locations. Globalization of such leading firms as Microsoft or Google, for example, means that job applicants should be prepared to traverse international boundaries in pursuit of top positions. Language barriers, however, can present a significant disadvantage to job seekers who must compete in foreign markets with native-speaking job applicants.
Translia facilitates a better chance of success for international job seekers, students applying to study abroad, and even corporations that require diversified literacy for international commerce. As the world gets smaller, language barriers loom larger. Translia's timely arrival on the scene answers an international call for better, quicker, and more accessible CV translation services.
Previously, individuals and businesses who needed documents translated into different languages may have resorted to automated online translation widgets such as Google Translate, a free program. Apple iPhone customers could access three translation applications, including Instant Translate, which supports limited languages. While all of these programs provide virtually instant translation of single words or phrases, they are not designed to translate the context, nuance, or idiom for more extensive projects including resumes.
Due to the innate complexity of language, effective translation can be a painstaking process. Translia's premium-level translation services involve the teamwork of two or more professionals collaborating on multiple rounds of translation, editing, and proofreading each assignment to ensure a superior result. Additionally, Translia's trademarked SameFormat delivery provides the completed document in the same file type and layout as the original. SameFormat currently handles many major file types, including .doc, .docx and pdf. It also supports open source documents like .odt and .odp, file types published in Open Office suite by Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle). offers three levels of service designed to address varied resume and CV translation needs. With no minimum word count, clients can have a single sentence translated or a full-length CV. While the translation rates are competitive, the company does recognize that those clients who are just starting out in their careers may need to economize. For them, Translia suggests a hybrid approach. For simple words or phrases on resumes, free widgets from Google or Apple iPhone can be adequate. However, for cover letters, self-statements, and other critical CV components, only the professionals at Translia can supply the expected resume translation.
Translia is an innovative online translation company. By sourcing the talents of 10,000 translators worldwide to provide service in over 100 different languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, English translation and Russian translation, the company has proven itself to be a global leader in the field of translation and localization.