Translation of Small Documents Gets the Human Touch at

High quality, quick (and human) translation of small documents such as a one-off email, a single web page, a  job application or a sales message is now realistic with the arrival of the revolutionary crowd-sourcing translation service,

Typically, we all feel it's too much effort – and often too much cost – to arrange human translation of a single small document, email or web page. We expect translation agencies to impose a minimum word count to make a job "worthwhile" and assume it will take too long for a "quick job". Finding a trustworthy translation agency or freelance translator in the first place can also be time-consuming.
Altogether, this means that most of us end up turning to the online machine translation provided by large search engines. It's risky, the end result may look amateurish and we hope no-one will notice but at least it's fast and free.
However, – an online translation company – will provide proper, professional translation of small documents, using human translators, quickly and at unbelievably reasonable prices. The service has a minimum turnaround time from just three hours and the translation of, for example, a 50 word email can cost less than 4 dollars. A slightly higher outlay will upgrade the service to include editing and proofreading. And it can all be ordered and paid for instantly, online, at
The secret to providing such a service at this price level is Translia's ground-breaking collaborative translation platform that uses an army of more than 10,000 crowd-sourced and centrally managed native-speaking translators for a rapid delivery service that is available around the clock.
Translia offers more than 100 languages, from European tongues such as French, German, Spanish and Italian to world languages including Arabic and three dialects of Chinese. And simultaneous translation to more than one language is equally possible.
A quick and easy, yet high quality translation of an important customer service email, a covering letter, a sales quotation, a home page or a blog post – and so much more – no longer means adopting high-risk reliance on robots and machines. Dependable human translation from Translia can be almost as quick and cost only a few dollars, yet give so much greater peace of mind.
Founded in 2009, Translia is a translation company like no other, offering professional high quality online translation services using human translators and supported by Translia's advanced, patented, collaborative translation systems. Translia helps thousands of clients to see their translations begin almost immediately, and be completed within as little as 24 hours. With more than 10,000 professional native speaking translators worldwide, Translia guarantees 100% money back services to all clients.