Technical, Academic and Scientific Translations Become Crowd-pleaser

The multilingual translation of specialised documents and presentations – from technical manuals and scripts to scientific papers – can offer a very demanding challenge, particularly when delivery schedules or budgets are tight. The answer comes with the arrival of the revolutionary translation service,, and its collaborative translation platform.

Translia's ground-breaking approach to translation offers its clients the resource to build a geographically widespread community of expert technical or scientific translators, in any given field. Through Translia's collaborative platform, this community is then able to work together, in small or large numbers, on projects of any size or complexity, whether short documents and web pages or major conference presentations, academic research papers or instruction manuals. The number of collaborators depends on the size and speed of the project, with Translia's patented platform supporting the community and making the collaboration seamless.
The concept is already proven in the video games industry, where the multilingual rollout of a new game, localised for many territories, demands the rapid, proficient translation of high volumes of content, which is not only labour-intensive but specialised. By providing the means to crowd-source practised games translators from the global games community, Translia is revolutionising the industry, as evidenced last week at the International Game Developers Association Summit (IGDA) in San Francisco.
Nathan Wang, chief executive officer of Translia, says: "Specialised, academic, scientific or technical translation need no longer be high-cost, time-consuming or monopolised by just a few providers. We are breaking down these barriers to translation by providing a new, collaborative way of drawing on the expertise of whole communities. The global spread of knowledge has just got much easier."
Translia offers translation to and from more than 100 languages, from European tongues such as  French, German, Spanish and Italian to world languages including Arabic and the principal languages of India and China. Simultaneous translation to more than one language and proofreading of the end result are simple to include.
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