Frequent Website Translation a Breeze with Technological Breakthrough

Online translation service,, announces its breakthrough technological answer to website translation, keeping multilingual websites fresh and enabling frequent new content to be translated quickly, using excellent human translators, in many languages simultaneously, through a single online interface.

For some years now, online technology has offered rapid 'machine translation' of websites but the cost of this usually free service is too high in business terms: poor quality translation, sometimes nonsense, and an amateurish outcome that has no place on a serious business website. Translia, on the other hand, offers high quality human translation, with editing and proofreading available, but with translation turnaround time often below 24 hours, as well as the ability to translate into many languages simultaneously and a patented technology that means it can all be done through one interface that works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
Nathan Wang, chief executive officer of Translia, says: "Translia has finally cured a major headache for businesses that know they must keep their multilingual websites fresh, know how important it is to keep adding new content but find the administration and financial cost too daunting when many languages are involved. Our patented platform makes frequent multilingual updates easy, quick and low cost, without sacrificing quality, and all supported by a money-back guarantee."
Translia offers translation to and from more than 100 languages, making it possible to maintain a pan-European or global website through the Translia platform. A site in the native tongue of, for example, English, French, German, Spanish or Italian, can be maintained in all the European languages as well as other world languages including Arabic, the Pacific rim languages and the principal languages of India and China. Translia also offers proofreading and editorial corrections for full peace of mind, removing the need for costly, independent confirmations.
To start using the Translia platform, web editors can simply visit For large and complex websites, they should contact
About Translia
Founded in 2009, Translia is a translation company like no other, offering professional high quality online translation services using human translators and supported by Translia's advanced, patented, collaborative translation systems. Translia helps thousands of clients to see their translations begin almost immediately, and be completed within as little as 24 hours. With more than 10,000 professional native speaking translators worldwide, Translia guarantees 100% money back services to all clients.