SEO 搜索引擎优化工程师 SEO Specialist

工作地点:北京 |  Location: Beijing

1.Develop and implement the company 's website and network products SEO optimization;
2.The site optimization, off-site optimization and optimization of internal and external links to daily work, collaborate with designers and technology developers to optimize website, improve keywords search ranking;
3.Master article writing, exchanging links, e-mail promotion, SNS marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing and other web promotion methods, effectively increase website traffic and visibility;
4.Complete the other marketing efforts.
1.Foreign trade B2C website SEO experience of more than two years, has a certain accumulation of the search engine optimization work, Google natural rankings for a deeper study of the rules;
2. E-commerce, computer applications, networks, and other related professional is preferred;
3.Familiar with the site background operation, complete independence editorial website articles, news writing, web publishing and other processes;
4.Rich Internet marketing resources, familiar with BBS, BLOG, WEB owners and other relevant channels, to establish long-term effective linkages.
1.制定并实施公司网站及网络产品的 SEO 优化方案;
3.掌握软文、交换链接、邮件推广、SNS 推广、论坛推广、博客推广及其它网络推广方式,按要求有序、有效的增加网站的流量和知名度;
1.外贸 B2C 网站 SEO 经验 2 年以上,对搜索引擎优化工作有一定的积累,对 Google 自然排名规则有较深的研究;
4.丰富的互联网推广资源,熟悉 BBS、BLOG、WEB 站长等相关渠道,能建立长期有效的联系。
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