Community Guidelines

Translia accounts are intended for our members to issue and undertake translation jobs online. The Community Guidelines help define the spirit of Translia and what it means to be a member of the Translia community. Your use of Translia is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

What you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be doing while using Translia:


Be Aware of Your Own Capability
Translators shall only work in the languages, technical fields and/or document contents s/he is familiar with. Translators shall read the job requirements in detail before starting the job. A query shall be put forward to Purchaser when uncertainty is met.

Be Respectful
Translia is a community of translators and customers. Please, be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members.

Be Collaborative
Translators can work on any unclosed job by either translating the original documents or improving the translations done by others. Translators shall make improvement to translation done by others only when s/he is certain that the existing translation contains errors, including but not limited to mistranslation, typo, inconsistency, style, etc.

Keep it Clean
Translia is not an adult site or a site where anything goes. Any content you add to the site ought to be “safe for work”.

Enjoy Translia!
Translia is a translation community. Enjoy your stay here. Get documents translated or make money by translating.


Upload content that are not authorized for translation. Respect the copyright of others. This means using your own content for translation.

Spam the Site (or Use it For Commercial Purposes)
People generally recognize spam when they see it. Commercial content that is not germane to a goal, or promotional content that is repeatedly posted are examples of spam. Think twice before ever posting commercial content on Translia. Translia is for personal use only. If you sell or promote products, services or yourself through your Translia page, we will be obligated to suspend your account.

Be Creepy
Posting inappropriate photos is clearly creepy. Don’t do it. Posting photos that include frontal nudity, genitalia and/or “intimate moments” are not welcome. This applies to your profile content. Users will report these and they will be removed. Users may also report accounts posting graphic nudity and your account will automatically be suspended without warning.


Users Monitor Translia
Translia's great users make it a nice community. We rely on users to report and assess inappropriate, commercial, illegal or abusive activities. We need your help on this.

Reporting Spam, Commercial Use, Abuse
If you run across spam, blatant commercial use, abusive behavior, harmful advice, or other objectionable activities, don’t panic. If it’s a light offense you may help the user out by commenting and educating them that the content violates these community guidelines. If that doesn’t work please report this user.

If you still have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us.

We reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time without notification.