Known limitation

When Translia processes the files generated with Microsoft Office XP or earlier editions, some of elements would be lost or modified.

The following lists provide a general overview of Microsoft Office features that may cause translation challenges. These will not affect your ability to use or work with the content of the translated document.

Microsoft Word

  1. AutoShapes
  2. Revision marks
  3. OLE objects
  4. Certain controls and Microsoft Office form fields
  5. Indexes*
  6. Tables, frames, and multi-column formatting
  7. Hyperlinks and bookmarks
  8. Microsoft WordArt graphics
  9. Animated characters/text
  10. Microsoft PowerPoint
    1. *Note: Indexes can be generated based on the page contents. We recommend not including the indexes in the source document. Rather than translating the indexes, you should translate the page contents and then re-generate indexes based on the translated contents.

      Microsoft PowerPoint

      1. AutoShapes
      2. Tab, line, and paragraph spacing
      3. Master background graphics
      4. Grouped objects
      5. Certain multimedia effects