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56 reasons to choose Translia

Welcome! By landing on this page, you're just a few clicks away from quality, affordable, and quick professional French translation services. This page includes all information that you need for making a sound decision on your French project. Even you don't choose Translia for this or that reason, you will be benefited with our FREE tips on how to choose right service providers for French translation.

You want the best prices, right?

So this is the first reason to choose us.

1. Translia offers you unbeatable French translation rates!

We have investigated with French translation rates quoted by the major translation agencies. We haven't found any competitor be able to offer better prices for the same service level, or better service level at the same prices.

2. Instant quote online

We will evaluate your source text and give you accurate translation rates, total translation fee, and time frame. Based on our unique EvaluTrans™ technology, we can give you a quote in a few seconds once you provide the source text.

Well, please keep reading - Price is not the only benefit we offer. By choosing Translia, you will enjoy translation services that are better and quicker than ever before!

You want quickest turnaround, right?

Translia outperforms any other translation agencies on time. We developed a set of proven methodology and technology that speeds up translation without sacrificing quality or increasing cost. Check out what wonderful quick services we offer!

3. One hour French translation

If you want to get a few lines of text translated as quickly as possible, you may receive the translation in just one hour or so with our Accelerated Delivery service. Don't believe it? Try it out now!

4. Same day French translation

It's more often you don't have an urgent need to get translation in one hour. You post a job in the morning and want to get translation before you leave the office. If so Translia is your right choice. Request a quote and get translation today!

5. Overnight French translation

Or you may post the job before you leave the office and our translators will work while you enjoy your sweet sleep. Request a quote to get translation over night!

6. No rush fee

Translia never charges a rush fee for quick services such as same day translation, over night translation, or even one hour translation. You always enjoy the standard prices regardless how tight your schedule would be. Be sure to take this into consideration when you compare the translation rates!

7. 24/7 French translation

We offer French translation services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Some of our French translators might respond a bit slowly during the major holidays but there are always some translators stand by for your projects through the year.

8. Instant quote

You can upload your document files and get accurate and final quote in a few seconds after registration. To give clients quick yet accurate quotes, we developed eValuTrans™ technology that evaluates the text to translate and then gives the best prices on the fly.

9. Setting deadline by your schedule

Other translation agencies tell when they may deliver translation to you. We ask when you want to get the translation. On Translia, you are encouraged to set deadlines based on your own schedule. We seldom ask clients to extend their deadlines because our standard turnaround time can meet the requirements most of the time.

10. Kick off at any time

Some translation agencies claim they offer translation services 24 hours per day. The truth is they sell 24 hours per day but after you place an order, they cannot start translation until next day. On the contrary, we always have translators standing by and you can kick off your French translation projects at any time.

11. Timely delivery

We always deliver the translation in a timely manner. Such timeliness is assured by the facts that we have the world's largest translator pool and our unique CollabTrans™ technology allows multiple translators to work together to deliver a job.

12. Money back timeliness guarantee!

We back our timely delivery with a full money back guarantee. If we fail to deliver the translation on time, you get a full refund and receive the translation for free!

Translia makes professional translation service faster and more convenient than ever before! However we want to remind you do not misuse the ability. We suggest you checking out our free tips on timing your translation projects.

You want the superior quality, right?

13. Money back guarantee

We deliver fluent, native and accurate translations that are ready to publish. We believe in our quality so much that we back it with a 7 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the translation and don't want to use it, we will return the full translation fee to your credits account on Translia.

14. Lifetime quality warranty

We pride ourselves on delivering quality translation. That doesn’t mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them. Inform us whenever you find a translation issue. We will improve the translation and refund the translation fee for the reported segments including any error.

15. World-class French translators

We hire hundreds and thousands of professional French translators. We continuously rate and rank them so that the good ones are promoted and the bad ones are screened out, through our unique Translia Translator Rank™ system.

16. Quality by innovation

Translia is the leader in collaborative translation technology. The unique CollabTrans™ technology gives our translators a great advantage in quality assurance. For example, multiple translators can work on the same job at the same time and they can communicate with each other easily to resolve any potential translation issue.

17. Translating, editing, and proofreading

Translia delivers superior quality through its advanced process management. We apply translating (T), editing (E) and proofreading (P) to each sentence and make it our standard translation process. In the language industry, such a process is called TEP or T/E/P.

18. Superior quality by Alternating TEP™

We have surpassed most competitors with our TEP service. Next we leave all of them far behind with our unique Alternating TEP technique: any two continuous processes are taken by different translators. For example, if translator A performs a translating task, then the following editing task must be taken by a different translator, B. Alternating TEP is the standard translation process on Translia.

Well, we talk much about quality assurance but how can you know we walk as we talk? We apply TEProof™ and some other unique translation technologies to you with the evidence ("proof") for our quality assurance. Again, all of the following features are only available on Translia!

19. Total transparency

As a Translia client, you can see the progress of your job when our translators are working. A percentage number will be shown to indicate the overall progress. You can also see who is doing what so that you know the jobs are in the right process according to the service level you choose.

20. Total process tracing

We make our work traceable by recording who edits what and when for each sentence of each job. That ensures all translators are careful with their jobs because we can easily trace back and find out who made the mistakes.

21. Live preview of translation

When our translators are working, you can see not only the overall progress but also the in-progress translations. That means you may give early feedback to translators. You can even preview the partially translated target files at any time, without waiting until the final delivery. Only Translia can present you with such transparency and convenience!

We are French translation expert!

22. Two French languages

You might be aware there are two French languages - French for France and France Canada. For each language we use only translators whose mother tongues match. You can, and you should choose the right French language based on your target audience. For example, if you translate for the Canada market, choose French (Canada) from the target language list when you request a quote. Choose French (France) for other markets.

23. To or from French

In addition to English-French translation services, we offer French-English translation too. Furthermore, you can use our services to translate from French into a couple of major languages such as Spanish, German, and Italian.

Communication for even better French translation

24. Direct communication with translators

The traditional translation agencies don't want clients to communicate with translators directly because they are fear the clients may contact the translators next time. However that damages translation quality. We enable direct communication among client and translators. Doing so translators can understand the client requirements in more details and thus deliver better translation for the purpose. To this end, Translia is one of the leading translation service providers, if not the only, that allow customers to communicate with translators directly.

25. Translation instructions

You are expected to provide instructions to translators before they start working on your jobs. You should describe where and how the translations will be used and who will be the target audience. This information is key to the usability of translation. It’s so important that we will not let you kick off the job unless you fill out the instructions.

26. Job comments

With Job comments you can communicate with the translators who work on your jobs directly. You may want to provide more information about your projects. Translators may also need certain requirements to be clarified further. You can even dialogue with translators as you do in a Web forum. Such ability ensures the messages from/to translators will never be delayed or lost.

27. Keep your email private

We will give you an email notification when translators post questions for your response. You don't need to stay on Translia or keep watching the job comments. You don't need to provide your email address either. Just post the comments and our system will send the email. We will never disclose your email address to translators.

Save without sacrificing quality

In addition to saving with our best prices, you can further save money on translation with the following Translia features. Many of them are ONLY available on Translia!

28. Volume discounts

If you need translation service regularly, you can buy our translation credits in quantity and save remarkably. The volume discounts can be used at any time. Please sign up to check out the details.

29. Free translation memory

Your contents may include repeating sentences. With Translia translation memory (TM) technology, translators can translate such sentences once and reuse the translation. That brings improved productivity and thus reduced cost. Our TM system is innovative and unique. It is ready to work for you once you sign up. You don't need setup. You don't need to pay an extra fee for using it. You just receive all of the benefits.

30. No minimum charge

With Translia Micro-Translation™ service, you can translate as little as a single word at reasonable rates. You never need to worry about minimum charge. There is NO minimum charge on Translia! Now you can easily get your business card translated into French by professional translators!

31. Customizable services

Our customizable translation services allow you to choose the right service level that fits your purpose exactly. For example, you may choose Excellent Translation for the company home page, Good Translation for internal documents, and Gist Translation for email communication. With Translia you will never over-translate!

Enjoy one stop French translation services

32. All industries

Whatever industry you operate in, we can always find experienced translators for your projects. We have more French translators than any other translation agencies, and our translators collaborate with each other efficiently. For these two reasons we can do much better jobs than our peers in translating industry specific contents.

33. Any content type

From web pages, technical documents, to business communications, our professional translators are experienced with all content types. You can be sure the translations are always fit for your purpose, perfectly.

Any major file formats...

34. Microsoft Word document translation (.doc or .docx)

This might be your most frequently used file format. We certainly want to support it. The versions we support include: 95, 97, 2000, and XP (.doc); 2007 (.docx).

35. Microsoft PowerPoint translation (.ppt)

You don't need to copy the translations and paste them into your slides line by line any more! If you use Microsoft PowerPoint 97/XP/2000 (.ppt), you can upload the slides and get them translated directly.

36. GNU Gettext translation (.po or . pot)

If your website is built with PHP, you will find how convenient it is when your translation partner supports PO translation or POT. Translia supports GNU gettext PO/POT files.

37. HTML translation

If your website is built with static HTML files, you can send them to translate directly. You don't need to copy/paste any more. By the way, we recommend you to change to a CMS (content management system) that supports internationalization and localization so that your multilingual website can be more powerful while easier to maintain. Feel free to contact us if you want advice on this topic. It's free, no obligation.

38. XLIFF translation (.xliff)

XLIFF is an open standard for multilingual contents. You will be very happy to know Translia supports XLIFF format if your organization uses any major enterprise class CMS.

39. OpenOffice document translation (.odt)

It’s never too late to know what's OpenOffice -, commonly known as OpenOffice, is an open source software application suite working with text document (odt), presentation (odf), spreadsheet, and drawings. It supports the ISO/IEC standard OpenDocument Format (ODF) for data interchange as its default file format, as well as Microsoft Office formats among others. OpenOffice application suite is distributed as free software. It can be downloaded from If you're using Microsoft Office, we recommend you to change to OpenOffice - it works the same and is totally free!

40. OpenOffice presentation translation (.odp)

Oh, yes, we have mentioned - we support OpenOffice presentation (.odp) files. Again we want to encourage you to consider to change to OpenOffice if you still use Microsoft PowerPoint.

If the file format list is dull, here comes something unique and exciting.

41. SafeTrans™ - Get your copyright protected!

Sometimes you might worry if the translators retain the copies of your documents on their PCs after the translation job is done. You never need to worry about it any more if you choose Translia. Our translators will never do that because they don't have access to your document files at all. Sounds impossible? But we achieve it! Learn how we keep your content safe.

42. SameFormat Translation™ - No more DTP fee!

Our innovative SameFormat translation technology ensures the layout and format of the translated documents are kept exactly the same as the original. You don't need to pay an extra DTP fee.

43. FlexiSource Translation™ - Upload files or just enter text

You may provide the source text by uploading files. You may also copy and paste several paragraphs, or just enter a single word to translate.

44. Multiple file translation

For each translation job, you can upload any number of files to translate. Those files can be various file formats. You can get all of them translated together. It's very convenient!

More handy features...

45. Easy multilingual translation

With Translia you can manage multilingual translation projects easily. By posting a single job, you can receive translations in as many as 127 target languages including French.

46. Single click to download

When a translation job is finished, you can download all translation files with a single click - the files are zipped into a package so that downloading translation files can't be easier!

47. Flexible purchase

You can make payment job by job so that you will not be locked. You can also buy translation credits for convenience - you can pay once and post many translation jobs.

As translation credits mentioned, we want to remind you that you can receive volume discount if you buy credits in quantity. Just register to check out details.

48. Easy and secure online payment

You can make payment with your credit card, PayPal or Moneybookers account. We use world-class card processing service and your payment information is absolutely secure with us.

49. French editing service

This is a hidden yet helpful feature - you can use Translia for language polishing. For example, if you learn French as a foreign language and write something in French, use Translia editing service you can let native French translators polish it. Editing service can bring better results and less expenses for most of the time. To use the editing service, simply set the target language same as the source language.

50. No job is too big

As we don't have minimum charge and don't set minimum word count, you might get an impression that Translia is only good at small jobs. However that's not true. We maintain the world's largest pool of professional French translators and Translia is designed with scalability in mind. That means we can line up hundreds of translators in several hours, for your million word translation projects.

51. We are translation service veteran

Derived from our expertise in serving multinationals such as IBM, Microsoft, and Dell, Translia is your portal for quality, timely, and affordable professional translation services online. And we believe you deserve such offerings.

52. Account Manager

Translia is simple and easy to use. In addition we will assign an account manager to you who gives you assistance when you need it and ensures you're happy with our services all the time.

53. We protect your privacy

As an online translation service provider, we're committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We follow the highest standard in setting up and implementing privacy policies. We get our policy and practices audited regularly by authoritative Internet privacy and security firm TRUSTe.

54. Member of American Translators Association (ATA)

ATA's primary goals include fostering and supporting the professional development of translators and interpreters and promoting the translation and interpreting professions. As a proud member of American Translators Association, we follow the Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices in providing translation services.

55. Member of Globalization and Localization Association

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an international nonprofit association whose member companies specialize in language services, translation services and language technology. As a member of GALA, Translia contributes to encouraging local communication as an indispensable component to a global strategy.

56. Patent pending technologies

Last but not least, many of Translia benefits are based on our patent pending collaborative translation technologies (USPTO application No.12/783,568). From TEP quality assurance to one hour translation, we cannot do it without the CollabTrans technology. This means only on Translia, can you enjoy all those benefits!