Brand Translation Services

Translating a brand name into foreign languages can be expensive and risky. However, with Translia brand translation services, the story is completely different.

Brand translation by many translation firms or marketing agencies is expensive because it involves many people for communication and coordination rather than the act of translation itself. It is even more difficult and expensive if the project involves a dozen languages.

Brand translation is risky because it requires not only linguistic expertise, but also cultural knowledge. The languages and cultures can be so diversified in a single country that even a group of so-called "branding experts" may not do well at translation. For example, read the story about the translation of Microsoft’s "Bing."

With Translia, you can get your brand name translated by a group of professional translators for as low as one dollar! However, saving money isn’t the only benefit. More importantly, you will get a perfect translation with minimal risk. How? Your final translation will be based on the contribution of many translators, and any possible errors will be identified and eliminated. Single branding experts could never offer this type of service.

Considering the fact that launching a brand translation project on Translia requires only a tiny budget and will result in a superior outcome, why not give it a try? Just click the buttons on the top of this page to kick off.